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Dedicated to Offering Empathetic Services for Individuals Seeking to Foster a Stronger Connection With Themselves

Reflection Connection

Reflection Connection


We are passionate about social justice, human rights and empowering each individual to achieve their own personal life goals. We have spent years working in complex trauma and find purpose and meaning in supporting others to not just survive but thrive. If you would like to improve relationships with others and yourself, not feel so alone and enjoy life more – book an appointment today.


How We Work

Reflection Connection is committed to providing a compassionate service to those who would like to deepen a connection with themselves and the world around them. Allowing people of all kinds a safe space to be nurtured and grow.

We work together to define goals and areas to focus on. The journey is completed together feeling supported, identifying strengths and resources along the way. Clinicians use evidence-based practices to support you to achieve your goals.

What is trauma informed care?

Trauma Informed Practice is a strengths-based framework which is founded on five core principles – safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment as well as respect for diversity.

Trauma Informed Practice features safety from harm and re-traumatisation, emphasises strength building and skill acquisition rather than symptom management, and foster true collaboration and power sharing between workers and those seeking help at all service levels.

We need to embed trauma informed practice within all health and human service systems to provide appropriate trauma-informed services to those needing them.

At Reflection Connection we work from a trauma informed framework. Our practitioners are individuals with different experiences as are all our clients.



What is evidenced based therapy?

Evidence based therapies means these frameworks or interventions have been rigorously tested in randomised controlled trials, or a series of case studies and have been proven to have effective outcomes. Research based treatment means we are offering therapy which has evidence to be effective for a brad range of people. EMDR is considered the gold standard of trauma therapies.


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